Renting a room in Cusco

Renting a room in Cusco


Finding a room or house to rent in Cusco, Peru is not that difficult. More and more travelers decide to stay in Cusco and live for a while in Cusco as the city offers great opportunities for living and learning about Peruvian culture. Cusco also provides many hiking opportunities and other adventure sports. Some foreigners find a job, many of them in bars, restaurants, travel agencies, or as English teachers.

There are also many students taking Spanish classes in Cusco, as well as people that come to Peru to do volunteer work – many of them attending the AMAUTA Spanish School. AMAUTA also offers accommodation for instance with a local Peruvian host family. AMAUTA also owns a nice student residence in the heart of Cusco city.

Renting a room in Cusco


However, for those travelers who are looking for their accommodation in Cusco, here are some tips. The most important one is: buy the Rueda de Negocios. It is a 50 cent newspaper full of advertisements that can be bought at almost every street corner. Every Thursday and Monday there is a new edition. The trick is to be quick. Buy the newspaper early in the morning and start calling immediately. The best rooms are usually taken really quickly. If you don’t feel sure about your Spanish level write down a few things that you would like to know. Is the room still available? How much is it? Does it have a private bathroom or a shared one? Is there a kitchen? Can I have a look at the room?

Looking for a room in Cusco itself works best.  At least for me, browsing through the internet before arrival to Cusco , looking for a room didn’t quite work out. There are a few rooms and houses for rent, but usually they are expensive. Also, accepting a room without ever having seen it is risky. Maybe the actual room does not turn out to be quite as pretty as it looks on the photos. In the Rueda de Negocios there are rooms for rent starting as cheap as 250 soles a month. The more comfortable and private ones are usually somewhere between 500 and 800 soles a month.  Of course there are also fully furnished apartments and more upgraded accommodation options in Cusco.

Renting a room in Cusco


Book a hostel for your first days in Cusco and start your house hunt from here. Call and go and visit the rooms advertised in the newspaper. If you accept a room, make sure you get a contract. If the letter told you all bills are included, that needs to be written in the contract. Paying usually happens in cash and in advance. Make sure your letter signs every time you paid your rent. This will prevent trouble about payment.

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