Secure Password Generator

Create strong passwords using our password generator. This basically creates passwords using compilation of lowercase characters, uppercase characters, numbers and special characters.

Why you need a password generator?

Password generator helps to create uncrack-able passwords.
Lets you create password with a particular character length.
Optionally creates random string by selecting only lower case character set.

In most of the case a simple and easy password is crack-able using a strong computer with lots of computational power. This may not always works for a strong website or app which makes use captcha or special kind of secure mechanism to avoid password brute force attack.
If you still want to create memorable passwords choose character strength wisely and make sure it is a compilation of multiple words. You can use our word password generator. Remember it is not secure as our original password generator

How to keep yourself secure online with password generator

Use separate passwords for each website/app, specifically for Facebook, Google accounts (Gmail)

Create strong passwords which have minimum 15 characters.
Write down password string offline and make sure those papers are safe.
Also keep an online version of it somewhere in Google drive. In that case write down drive password offline instead of writing down all passwords in a paper.
Make use of any good antivirus software to avoid stealing of your passwords.
Change passwords frequently for bank accounts and other important sites to avoid hacking.
Check URLs of website in browser address bar to avoid stealing of your passwords
Never keep important information in insecure sites which don't have https secure URLs
Never open websites from emails which is coming from unauthorized and unauthenticated sources. Which will asks to enter password to enter to a false website.
Keep informed about phishing sites and URLs.

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