How to get the most out of the city of Buenos Aires! Top 5 must-do activities Buenos Aires

How to get the most out of the city of Buenos Aires! Top 5 must-do activities Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is an intriguing city, an amazing place to visit and experience. Ideal for (cultural) city trips, for learning Spanish in Argentina at one of the modern and professional Spanish language schools of Buenos Aires, for participating in the different options for volunteer work and community work that Buenos Aires offers, or just living there for a while as an expat.
Buenos Aires offers an amazing number of opportunities. Here are just a few examples of the essential activities of Argentina´s capital of Buenos Aires, and these are exactly five important reasons for a visit to Buenos Aires.

For being so amazingly green ?

Bosques de Palermo, ArgentinaThe « Bosques de Palermo » are a green zone of 25 ha. situated in the center of the neighborhood of Palermo, right in the heart of the big city of Buenos AIres. The area is well-known for its groves, lakes, and rose garden, the Argentinians, on foot or by bike. It’s also possible to take a ride in a rowboat on one of three artificial lakes. In this area of Buenos Aires, you´ll find the peaceful Japanese Garden, the lovely Rose Garden of Palermo with its Andalusian Patio, the entertaining Zoological Gardens, and the relaxing Botanical Gardens! The Bosques de Palermo are an urban oasis and a perfect escape from the crowds and the busy streets of the city itself!

For the artistic fiber : El Caminito (La Boca)

El Caminito (La Boca)What was formerly a storage area has become one the most celebrated street of Buenos Aires! It inspired Juan de Dios Filiberto, back in the 1920’s, to compose a tango called »el Caminito »! In the 1950’s, the street theatre appeared, in the 1970’s local artists became authorized to display their art in the street and the houses became multi-colored. This 100-meter long pedestrian street has become a symbol of Buenos Aires, and is now considered an outdoor museum! Here you can enjoy singing, tango dancing, browse the craftsmen´s works, and admire paintings, ceramics, and the representations of prominent figures from Argentine history, such as Carlos Gardel and Maradona. This place is definitely unique and unforgettable!

For History : Plaza de Mayo

Plaza de Mayo, ArgentinaThe Plaza de Mayo is in the heart of ‘downtown’ Buenos Aires! The name is a tribute to 25 May 1810, the date that the first Argentinian independent government was created. The main events that have punctuated its history have taken place there, such as the demonstration of The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and the manifestation for the Democracy in the 80’s… Nowadays, the Plaza de Mayo continues to be a gathering-place for demonstrations. It’s also a starting point for visiting some of the most celebrated landmarks, The Casa Rosada or Pink House or The Cabildo!

For the curious : Recoleta cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery, ArgentinaThe cemetery holds more than 4800 tombs on 55,000 square meters! Built by Bernardino Rivadavi, and opened in 1822, the Recolete cemetery in Buenos Aires hosts the remains of famous Argentine people and important families of Buenos Aires. Seventy of these tombs are classified as historic and cultural monuments. You enter in the cemetery through a splendid portal, from which you can see several impasses. The place looks like a small village, combining luxury and solemnity. The most famous peruson buried there is probably Eva Peron ! The place is extraordinary, and the atmosphere as well. It’s definitely worth a visit!

For the architecture: Teatro Colon

Teatro Colon, ArgentinaInaugurated in 1908, after 20 years of work, the Teatro Colon is one of the most magnificent buildings in Buenos Aires and one of the most beautiful theaters in the world ! In fact, in 1914, it was the third opera, after the Garnier Opera house in Paris and one in Vienna. It has welcomed the most prestigious artists, such as Maria Callas, Caruso, and Igor Stravinsky among others! The concert hall has almost 4000 seats, spread over 6 floors, and the acoustics are close to perfection ! Everything evokes luxury and the greatness, from the red velvet charis, to the lodges with private bathrooms, to the candlesticks. A visit to this newly-restored theater is highly recommended to all music lovers ! Book in advance.

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